It's Guinness time! Places you want to check out around St Patrick's Day

The green season is upon us. And no, we don’t mean just spring. On March 17, people all over the world will celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

The feast commemorates the death of Irish patron saint Patrick who lived in 4th and 5th century AD. Traditionally, Saint Patrick’s Day is associated with green colour. According to a legend, bishop Patrick used a three-leaved shamrock to explain the doctrine of the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans.


In Brno where every 20th person is a foreigner, the celebration actually starts tonight already. If what you are after are people dressed up in green, displays of shamrocks everywhere, and pints of Guinness, then The Immigrant Pub is your place. “There will be a four-day St Patrick’s festival at The Immigrant,” said the bar manager Mrs Anna Horáčková.

Starting today, Irish beer or whiskey drinkers can win special prizes at The Immigrant, as well as in East Village Bar & Diner or Café Fratelli. For culture vultures, there will be musicians playing live Irish music and dancers performing Irish concert and Ceilí at Dělňák Community Hall on Friday night (see our FB for an invite).
On Saturday The Immigrant’s chefs will offer some special treats. “We will serve Irish stew and Guinness Burgers,” said Mrs Horáčková. At 7 p.m. there will be live Irish music playing, and on Sunday you can go there to watch Premier League matches.
Brno Expat Centre celebrates too! Come and enjoy some live music and a pint at The Immigrant on Monday with us, and remember – who does not wear green, buys a drink for everyone.


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