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The most recent novelty in our monthly newsletter is a new section called Fellow expat’s voice introduced in the October issue. As we have always wished to make this newsletter truly your – our expats’ – magazine, and we believe not only us but your fellow expats too are eager to learn more about you – your stories, opinions and experience, we decided to give you an opportunity to speak out loud.
The very first topic was HOUSING and several of you shared with us your story of searching for a flat (mostly to rent) in general as well as your personal experience with some of the real estate agencies and websites. You suggest that before the start the actual search, your fellow expats

  • prepare a list all of their requirements (size, number of rooms or whether you are allowed to have a pet),
  • give themselves enough time to look at as many options as possible (two up to five weeks)
  • have enough money put aside for fees and advanced payments (usually two monthly fees).

Once in the middle of the searching process and already dealing with agencies and flat owners, you also believe expats should beware of the fact that

  • some of the owners still prefer Czech tenants,
  • not all of the online offers are always relevant,
  • not all of the offered flats are furnished,
  • quite a lot of them have passable rooms
  • that it is quite common here to share a room with another person and you should therefore make it clear that you want a room on your own.

Many more issues will be discussed within the upcoming Seminar on housing and real estate to be held on Monday, Oct 29, at 5.45pm in the cool reconstructed Planetarium (see 20 fantastic photos). The registration is still open and you would have a chance to ask all the panellists personally (and separately, if needed).
Do not forget that your voice is welcome again for the Seminar on Medical care we are preparing for late November. Please, think about any medical centres, GPs or specialists in Brno you would (or would not) recommend to your fellow expats; possible problems and misunderstandings, but also positive or unexpected reactions you have (or one might) experience when in need of health care and send it with MY VOICE in the subject line. We will come back with our wrap up again.


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