Coffeeright: If you love coffee

Brno is famous for many things; the clock machine without a clock; the outrageous Villa Tugendhat; and cosy cafes with great coffee.
To keep and develop the last fact, a couple years ago Brno cafe owners and baristas started Coffeeright, a project to cultivate the local coffee scene and educate coffee lovers. This all might sound pretty ambitious and sophisticated, but actually, Coffeeright is really a social occasion to meet up over a good cup of coffee and present new trends in coffee making for both professional baristas and the public in a lively, party atmosphere.
Coffeeright no.1 was a real success and there have already been eight follow-ups. The tenth Cofferight is coming this Thursday 11th, taking place at The Terrace of Hansen restaurant. The topic is filtered coffee and traditional Viennese coffee. All coffee lovers are welcome to learn about home coffee brewed in Chemex and Hariot glass, and taste proper Viennese blends. There will also be a cup tasting and music production by DJ Funk Halen.
Coffeeright no.10 starts on Thursday 11th at 5pm at The Terrace of Hansen restaurant on Husova street. Entry is free and the whole occasion is family friendly.
Adriana Zámečníková

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