Brno queers have no fear, equality is here

Brno is a quite gay-friendly city, but not all is rainbows and unicorns here. For example, there were some acts of aggression during the last pride parade, and that’s why the Czech pride parade is concentrated mainly in Prague now.

Nonetheless, most people seem to accept the queer culture and relationships in Brno. The city is often referred to as the Biggest Village because it has a small-town feel. However, in fact, it is largely multicultural and home to thousands of expats and even more students who embrace diversity and open-mindedness.

The Brno Expat Centre has become a partner of the Mezipatra Film Festival, the largest queer film festival in Central and Eastern Europe that presents both art and mainstream queer movies from around the world. In Brno, the festival will take place from November 15 to November 22. All films will be screened in their original language with English and Czech subtitles.

In relation to our cooperation, the November BEC InformAL: Brno Queer focuses on the local queer community. Various shades of queer will be discussed with our special guests: Maggie Martin – a lesbian from the USA who lives in Brno with her Czech girlfriend, and Veronika Muselíková – a Czech lesbian who lives with her girlfriend and their 1,5-year-old baby.

Are you lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, intersexual, heterosexual, young or old? We are looking forward to seeing you all in Cafe bar Scala on Friday, November 14 at 5.30 pm.

Brno doesn’t have just a queer movie festival, it also has a range of queer night clubs, restaurants, coffee shops, and workshops. The BEC is currently working on a new guide with up-to-date information for queers. We welcome your take on the local queer life and tips for contacts and locations – please contact Kristína at if you’d like to contribute.

Read more about the LGBTQ community in Brno in this guide.


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