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As you might have noticed, in September our newsletter changed both its form and content. The main reason is that we wish to make it truly your – our expats’ – regular news source where you can also share your stories, photos, opinions, experience, talents etc.
That is why we added a new section named “Fellow expat’s voice”. We are interested in your suggestions and tips which – as we hope – might help your fellow expats to feel better (and more at home) in Brno. In October we focused on housing, November was dedicated to health care and at the end of the year 2012 we asked you to tell your (not only Czech) Christmas stories. Although these topics were suggested before, feel free to add some new comments or stories that might be helpful or simply entertaining. They will not remain unheard!
And as you will find out in the January issue of our newsletter, the last topic – my Christmas – continues. How do you usually celebrate Christmas? When and how did you celebrate it this year? Have you had a chance to experience Czech Christmas before? Please send us your stories or photos! We will be pleased to summarize them and publish in the upcoming edition so your fellow expats can read them too. What is more, we started a competition! Both the best story and the best photo will win 2 tickets for a ballet performance of their choice in the National Theater of Brno! Keep checking updates on FB and on our website – the deadline is the end of January.
As for the future issues of the BEC newsletter, are there any other topics you might be interested in? We will be very happy if you find a few minutes and insert your text in the comment below or send us a short (and, most importantly, fellow expat approved!) tip on our e-mail address with the words “FELLOW VOICE” in the subject. The fellow expat’s voice is your own voice so let it be heard!


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