Win a 10,000 grant: Expats for Brno 2020

We’re happy to announce another round of our grant for innovative projects created by expats – called “Expats for Brno”.

In 2017, we awarded the grant to Brno Writers Group and their Brno Short Story Writing Contest. The 10,000 CZK was promised as a prize for the winners and attracted unbelievable 87 entries.

The writing contest was successfully repeated in 2018 and 2019 (this time, the prize money came from anonymous donors). We’re truly happy we helped it to kick-off. In 2019, we published the winning stories in a booklet.

Who’s next?

Now, we’re ready to award another 10,000 CZK.

Create something you’re passionate about – a workshop, concert, exhibition, web, set of photographs, music video, blog, theatre performance – something that shows expats in Brno at their best. There are no limits to your creativity. We’re truly interested in any idea that’s swimming in your head.

It doesn’t have to be new: your project could already be up and running; we’d be happy to invest the money you need to take it to the next level.

We’ll pick one winning project during winter, or more projects to divide the 10,000 CZK between them.

Our aim is to increase public awareness of the foreign community in Brno among the general public. Both individuals and teams can apply, as long as there is a majority of expats.

Give a try!

Deadline: 30 November


Who can apply? Both individuals and teams, as long as there is a majority of expats.

What can you create? Just about anything you feel passionate about: a festival, workshop, concert, exhibition, application, web, film, music video, blog, brochure, book, theatre performance, etc.

The ideal project will have the following features: originality, creativity, multi-ethnic dimension, great impact, the possibility of being developed further in the future, and financial effectiveness.

How much can you win? Up to 10,000 CZK.

When? Please submit your application by November 30, 2019. Authors of the best projects will be invited to present their ideas to an international committee consisting of the BEC team and invited active members of the local community.

Why? We want to incite expat creativity; reduce the financial barriers that would otherwise hinder a worthwhile idea;  and last but definitely not least, we want to increase awareness of the foreign community in Brno among the general public

The winner(s) will be announced in January and their project(s) realized until the end of 2020.


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