What does someone on a short-term working visit to Brno say?

It’s not only expats who are under the magnifying glass of Brnopolis.  Imagine you’re someone whose job takes you abroad for a period of two weeks – enough  time to get some impression of the surrounding environment you’re a small part of for that short period… What do you tell people once you’re back home?
Connie Daniels, Utah, USA, works as a Business Process Analyst working for the ModusLink Corporation. She shared with Brnopolis her likes and dislike about Brno comparing it with other similar-size town around the world.
What was your first impression about Brno?
Brno, is a lot greener than I thought it would be and it’s so beautiful here – the way you have wooden areas and the City. And it’s a lot larger than I thought it would be

What do you like and dislike here?

I like your buildings and the history you have here… In the US we do not have nothing like this, nothing at all. When I was able to walk up and down the streets I saw the buildings, many of them restored and how beautiful they are. In the US, we have just modern building so that we loose that charm that the history has.
I think that hardest thing for me is just not speaking the language. Many restaurants we’ve gone to, they have menu in English but sometimes it’s a little harder to make sure we understand each other.
Your opening hours was another difference for me when we walked around the City. I was not able to go into your small unique stores that you have here. Everything is open so late in the US. When I’ve gone into town late evening all of the small shops have been closed. Probably it’s good for the owners because they can spend more time with their family but for us the closed window looks sad. Because the shopping malls here are pretty much the same like everywhere.
The people here are very, very friendly. When I talked to them they always tried the hardest to help me – even if they do not speak my language. Brno is really friendly city.
What would you recommend to Brno?
What I found really helpful in Singapore and the other towns they have all the signs in the multiple languages. And maybe to understand you public transportation system other than just to take a taxi. If the hotels can help us to understand it this would be really very helpful for us.
Written by: Richard Lank


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