What expats say: There is a different era behind every corner

Graeme Fairweather (34) studied drama and theatre arts at the Staffordshire University. He came to Brno from Manchaster and had been working for an IT company until this year. Graeme’s black and white pictures were appreciated by the jury of the Photo contest for Brno expats. He kindly answered us our usual questions for foreigners living in Brno.
What do you like and what don’t you like in Brno?
For me one of the biggest factors in my being here is the diversity of the city, in saying this I am talking about the streets which align the centre. The way in which I am able to turn a corner and come to a completly different perspective or view, kind of like being in a different era or time, walking from the castle to a busy main street in just 2 minutes, I like the feeling this gives me.
Another point to make is to look at the city surroundings, Brno is more or less built in a valley surrounded by greenery and hills, not many cities can boast this.
As for my dislike’s I would have to go with the traffic (crazy drivers) and the noise and pollution it brings to the city.
Do you know some best practices from living in other cities which could be of use in Brno, too?
I think one thing would be to stop the flow of traffic (as mentioned) coming through and make Brno a more greener place to be in terms of pollution, there is also the noise factor of traffic to consider. So making the traffic wider spread from the centre would be a good practice although difficult task.
What do you think is its advantage compared with other cities?
Not too many {American ;-)} tourists, this makes it more relaxed and less stressful place. I like that the shops in the centre are closed on Saturday and Sunday, which frees the city from manic shoppers, it helps also that naturally the tourist attractions are in close vacinity of each other.
Where do you see the way to make Brno more open and attractive for foreigners?
I think in general captial cities tend to take away the limelight from smaller cities, I think its a matter of advertising a place like Brno more, we only hear about major cities and the majority forget about other smaller unique places such as Brno (and Manchester), I have noticed that more buildings are being given a face lift (so to speak) which makes a more attractive place to see, also has mentioned, the traffic issue should be improved.
What is your favorite place in Brno which is really unique?
I think where I am living now, Kamenná čtvrť, is a really unique part of Brno. It is built inside an old quarry on an hill with lots of small winding streets and every house is almost different, not to mention the friendly atmospheare it gives. It is like being in a small fairytale village. Also amazing views.
Written by: Michal Kašpárek


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