What expats say: Superior transportation system

Ruthie Johnson, born in Omaha, Nebraska, student in Austin, Texas, came to Brno in 2009 with the ISEP Study Abroad program to study education.

What do you like and don’t like in Brno?
I especially liked the transportation system in Brno because it went everywhere I needed to go and I never had to wait very long for the next tram/bus. I did not like how many stores were closed on Sundays and closed early on Saturdays. However, I think that is also part of the charm of European living, so don’t think it should necessarily be changed.
Do you know some “best practices” or experience from living in other cities which could be of use in Brno, too?
Yes, for most of the places with bicycle rentals, there were bike lanes on the streets. In other cities like Bruges, Amsterdam and Budapest there were places for renting bicycles. That cities had just little stores where you could go in and rent a bike for a day. A couple times my friend and I wanted to go bicycling but researched and did not find many options for renting one here.
What do you think is its advantage compared with other cities?
As I mentioned above, I think the transportation system in Brno was superior to any other city. The small size of Brno makes it really easy to walk or ride anywhere. I also liked Brno compared to Prague because there were far less tourists and the same interesting things to do.
Where do you see the way how to make Brno more open and attractive for foreigns?
Brno should have something really amazing and unique to Prague or Český Krumlov. Maybe if Masaryk University would be more advertised as a highly-esteemed university or if beautification projects would take place to add cleanliness and greenery.
What is your favorite place in Brno which is really unique?
My favorite place was Špilberk Castle. The history of the castle is really interesting and now the park area surrounding is very beautiful.
Written by: Petr Marčišák


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