New additions to the Brno Expat Centre team

Our dear Lucia is soon to give birth to a new, honorary, member of our team, which sadly means she’ll be leaving the day-to-day running of the office. To take over some of her responsibilities, we welcome a new consultant, Jarda!

If you’ve been in touch with the Brno Expat Centre, chances are you have met our Luci (Lucia). She’s been with us almost from the very beginning, joining the team in 2012. She has been one of the pillars of the Expat Centre since then; she’s an expert in many areas, especially in family, health and insurance expat-related questions. Just try to imagine the number of cases she’s helped to solve over 10 years! Actually, don’t imagine, we’ve taken out the number from our statistics – she helped over 5,000 expats. She followed some expats from their single years, through relationships and into parenthood. Some couples wouldn’t have had their planned weddings if Luci hadn’t helped them through some catch-22 problems.

But not only that, Luci has been the mind behind many of our ideas, the link to many great partnerships, the force behind our projects, the soul of our events. She has helped shape how the Brno Expat Centre looks now.

Now, she’s embarking on a different chapter – parenthood. She’s temporarily stepping away for maternity leave, though we sincerely hope her little daughter will like us, too, and will want to spend some time with us in the office, in the instances when her mummy will inevitably be called to the rescue. 

(Here’s Luci in her element, consulting on all things family. Her partner, and the expectant father, is also an expat; so Luci truly knows what she’s talking about when she speaks about having a family in Brno.)

Jarda, welcome!

To cover some of Luci’s responsibilities, we’ve welcomed a new member to our team – Jarda Soukup. (The picture below was taken from the days when he’s been shadowing Luci during her consultations.)

Jarda first joined us in 2019, as an intern when studying North-American Cultural Studies at Masaryk University. Since then, he never truly left; helping us with accompanying expats to public offices or translating at doctor appointments. However, his main job for a couple of years was teaching English (and a bit of French). Now, he’s joining our team in full capacity!

Jarda loves travelling because he loves exploring different cultures and languages. One cannot be understood properly without the other, he says. He’s excited about joining the Expat Centre team because as a consultant to foreigners, he’ll meet a range of cultures in the office every day. Also, as he’s one of the rare original Brno natives – born and bred here, he enjoys helping others get to know his home city.

To contact Jarda, feel free to use the standard route – our contact form. Your question will reach him.


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