Watch a webinar: Driving Licence (for dummies)

This week, our consultant Jan tackled the rather complicated matter of a driving licence in the CR, whilst Veronika played our test dummy, asking all the questions you might in her place, like:

  • Who (and with what driving licence) can drive in the Czech Republic?
  • How long can you use your foreign driving licence?
  • Who can/must or cannot exchange their DL for a Czech one?
  • And lastly, of course, how to get a Czech DL?

We’ve answered all these questions during a quick 20-min talk (including a detailed list of what documents are needed when applying for a Czech driving license).

You can easily watch the recording in library of webinars at (for free and without logging-in, webinar #17), or just press play here:

Links talked about in the webinar:

  • Driving licence tests online (even with ENG demo)
  • Our guide with all the information provided in the webinar, but written down: Driving Licence
Q&As, contact details, opening hours and more:
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