The waste collection fee is due in May

All foreign citizens who intend to stay in Brno for longer than 3 months have the responsibility to pay the waste collection fee. It needs to be paid by May 31 (if you arrive before May 31) or within 15 days after the commencement date (if you arrive after May 31).
New residents register through the online form to the Environmental Department (in Czech). As for the final line of the form – Datum vzniku poplatkové povinnosti (commencement date) – fill in the date when you arrived in Brno. Those already registered skip this step and proceed to the payment.
You can pay online to bank account number 111220022/0800. As the payment’s identification symbol (variabilní symbol), use your birth identification number (issued by the Czech Immigration office as rodné číslo) or your date of birth (in the format DD.MM.YYYY) . Or you can pay in cash on Šumavská 33, building A, 9th floor.
The waste collection fee is set to 670 CZK in 2017. If you arrive later in the year, you can deduct approximately 56 CZK for each month you hadn’t lived here. A reduced fee of 500 CZK per year is to be paid for children up to and including the age of 3 and people aged 70 or over.
When you finish your stay in Brno, remember to de-register. Fill in a notice of cancellation and email it to within 15 days of your departure. For FAQ, you can download our infosheet on waste collection fee.