Car drivers, watch out for "street cleaning"!

It is becoming a common request for assistance for us at the Brno Expat Centre when a car is being towed away and the owner is desperately looking for a quick help. Besides breaching general traffic regulations (like parking where it is not allowed, too close to the zebra crossing or to the tram line) the most common reason for towing a car away is street cleaning.


Watch out for the road signs NO PARKING: BLOKOVÉ ČIŠTĚNÍ

Every year from April to October the street sweepers are passing through the streets of Brno. Where there is a parked car in a way, a tow truck will pick up the car and take it away to the municipal parking lot. To get back your car you have to find the parking place and bail out the car for some 2.000,-. To localize your car and the parking lot contact all national police number 158.
There is no excuse like “I didn’t know” or “I didn’t see the sign post”. Every city district makes a plan for the street cleaning available for public on the relevant website.
by city districts:
Brno Střed
Brno Sever (click on Harmonogram)
Brno Královo Pole (PDF)
Brno Zabovresky I. stage (PDF)
Brno Zabovresky II. stage (PDF)
Brno Bohunice
To find out in which city district – městská část – your street is, search this useful address registry.


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