Introducing a new infosheet: Setting up a company: s.r.o.

Clients of the Brno Expat Centre are employees of international companies most of the time. Sometimes, we consult a starting free-lancer striving for a business licence for an individual. Rarely we consult an international business person establishing a company. Yet, we have gathered all necessary information for a step by step guide on how to set up a company in the Czech Republic.
The new infosheet follows up on the series of business infosheets: “Setting up a business – Trade Licence for the self-employed”; “Obligations when running a trade licence for the self-employed” and “Business startup scene“. It provides the step by step guideline on how to establish a limited liability company, or as we call it společnost s ručením omezeným s.r.o. in Czech.
Firstly, the infosheet answers questions whether a foreigner can start a company or whether they need a business visa. Next chapters explain the difference between founding a company as a single person or having associates. Furthermore, the infosheet lists the necessary founding documents for the company, describing the difference between the “founding charter” and the “deed of association”. Likewise, further steps to obtaining the company address, getting a trade license and lodging the capital are explained thoroughly. Finally, the obligation towards the Tax Authority is cleared.
The manual cannot address all possible cases and circumstances but it does provide sufficient guidance on establishing a limited liability company at a general level. However, you might eventually want to consult a professional who can be your guide or can even handle the whole process for you.
Download the Infosheet here or contact the Brno Expat Centre with any particular question or inquiry for professional contacts.
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