Introducing a new infosheet: Queer Brno

ParisGayStewards-d64e6f92d22674821f10966efcf9e37fA few years can make a huge difference. A few decades ago, homosexual behaviour was considered a crime.
In 2015, it is possible to enter a registered partnership and the government will soon debate a draft law allowing adoptions of homosexual partners.
There are other signs of growing acceptance. The Czech Republic was the first post-communist country to grant legal recognition to same-sex couples in 2006. It has also been declared one of the countries with citizens most tolerant of homosexuality.
Especially in Prague and Brno, it is possible to notice the LBGT community more and more. There are gay-friendly discos and clubs, several gay- and lesbian-themed magazines and newspapers, as well as gay prides and other festivals.
In a new infosheet we have put together a brief history, laws and regulations, opportunities for clubbing and meeting, as well as other useful information on the LBGT scene in the Czech Republic.
Everybody has the right to love.

Q&As, contact details, opening hours and more:
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