Residency extension deadlines change

A new amendment to the act on Asylum and Immigration came into force in December 2015.
pobytova kartaThis new amendment to the Immigration Law brings change of deadlines for the residency permit extension submission (applies to non-EU citizens).
In case of a long term residency permit for the purpose of employment “Employee card“, it will be necessary to file the application for extension 120 days prior to the expiry date at the earliest and 30 days prior to the expiry date at the latest.
To apply for the extension of long term residency for the purpose of studies, research, business, family reunification and others you may file the request 90 days prior to the expiry date at the earliest and on the last date of the residency permit validity at the latest.
When the extension application is filed late (even just a day), the application is automatically denied and the applicant has to stop working (in case of the employee card), leave the country after the expiration of the residency permit and file an application for a new residency permit at the Embassy of the Czech Republic abroad or in a home country.
Thanks to the attorney Tomáš Petyovský from Petyovský and Partners for the notice!

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