Launching the BEC referral programme

A rising number of foreign nationals ask us about job opportunities, real estate agencies, medical doctors, schools, hair dressers, clubs or even pet sitters. They look for not only reliable providers capable to communicate in foreign languages, but also people who understand well the needs of foreign clients.
On the other side we have been frequently approached by local companies that are willing to advertise their services through our events, website, Facebook page or our regular newsletter and attract attention of 1,000+ our readers and attendees.
This is how the BEC Referral Programme connecting the both sides was born. It is certainly not our invention, we saw similar schemes within our visits of foreign expat centers and have been thinking of that for a while.
You can already find the links to the first programme members. Please be aware we will not include anybody who pay the fee. All the members are known to us and have met our list of criteria. We are in frequent contact with their representatives and constantly evaluate feedback on their services. If you have any recommendations for service providers you were happy with please share it with us. Or tell them to join the programme and find new customers.
From now the posts advertising commercial services through our Facebook page will be allowed only with our prior permission. You can still publish your tips, enquiries, demands or offers – if you are a private individual or a non-profit. All the other businesses have a chance to do it more effectively through the BEC Referral Programme. Similar rules will be introduced on our LinkedIn channel.
We are looking forward to your recommendations and hope to build up a powerful community of expat-friendly service providers.


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