Your help to others in Brno during the pandemic

We called organisations and institutions, and asked for the most direct route for foreigners to offer their help:

1) Donate blood

Blood donations are needed throughout the whole year, and foreigners can certainly become donors. You can read more information about donating at the Faculty Hospital in Brno here (in CZ).

Right now though, they’re urgently in need of male donors, age 18-65, who have had COVID19. They should have at least temporary or long-term residency, and public health insurance (VZP only).

Please, if you fit these criteria and you’re willing to help, send an email to and specify what (if any) medication you take on a regular basis. You should fulfil other (general) criteria too (tattoos, travelling etc.  see the list here – it’s in Czech only, please use Google translate.)

2) Volunteer – help elderly citizens with shopping, nurses with child care, homeless with donation…

If you are happy to help the elderly and homeless (serving food, helping to clean the premises, cook, feed disabled etc.), send an email to from Charita Brno.

Tereza speaks English and will get back to you with a list of activities that are needed at the moment.

More options:

3) Donate…

  • clothes – especially male winter clothes
  • money – the Charity lets you choose where your money will go
  • a night in a shelter – a roof over one’s head for your 100 CZK a night

4) Support your favourite cinema, theatre, restaurant…

Help your favourite places and spots in Brno to survive the lockdown so they’re here for you once life returns back to normal. Check the websites of venues you’d normally visit, and see what services they can sell you now, or how you can help directly.

Or, you can learn about more options at the South-Moravian integration centre’s website.


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