Insights and adventures of expat bloggers

Blogging about life in the Czech Republic? Many expats do so nowadays. Some are students, others teachers, still others have come to work in an international company. Or they have followed a Czech they had fallen in love with.
Here’s an overview of foreigners who write about their life here.
Kevan from Canada, who has relocated to the Czech Republic in 2004 and makes his home in Brno, writes from the outside-of-the-capital perspective on Beyond Prague. You can learn about a number of castles and chateaus or the most famous Czech fictional character Jára Cimrman.
A New Zealander formerly based in Brno teaches “the secrets of delicious baking” on her blog What Sarah Bakes. Do you know the Czech baking ingredients such as mouka, cukr, krupice? Sarah also explains what sweets you can find in a Czech bakery (of which there are basically two kinds – pekárna and cukrárna).
An American’s life in Brno can be followed at Christopher’s Expat Adventure and his Facebook page BrnoChris.
Pick a Place, Get Lost is “just another travel blog” by an Italian Giorgia. It has good tips on trips around Brno such as Hády, Mariánské údolí, přehrada, and Babí lom.
Also check out these Top 10 Things You Need to Do While Living in Brno as recommended by a Philippine couple.
The Blansko Klobása is a Moravian travel blog “in search of excellence in football, beer and sausage” wrtitten by a group of football fanatics.

Another blog by an expat living in Brno is Landed Abroad – Cristiana from Romania recommends 10 Things to Do in Brno, for example.
And then there is Megan from Scotland with her Half This World Away. It has a few posts on Brno and the Czech Republic, including a mention of the famous Czech young wine called burčák.
As for Bohemia-based authors, Chlohemian is a smart blog of an American woman who has been living in Prague since 2014. Can you relate to Chloe’s Foreigner Problems?
A Czech Adventure is a blog by an American woman working as a school teacher in Prague with quite a few insights about working in Czech schools.
Czechosotans are two Minnesotans, a chef and an educator, “stumbling on cobblestones, yet smiling”. A blog on living in Prague with a little dog and an adoption process pending.
An American writer Sherry Vacik has run the Czech off the Beaten Path blog since 2007. Most recently she wrote about the Czech Cemeteries and Funeral Etiquette. Might come in handy.
Girl in Czechland is a witty blog by an anonymous British woman living in Prague written between 2009 and 2014.
Adventures in the Czech Republic are written by an Oxford-graduate British lady in her fifties who lives in an old farm house near Český Krumlov.
In South Bohemia there is another expat blogger settled, Cynthia from USA who runs Adventurings – “Tales from Urban Bohemia or How I Learned to Love Living out of a Backpack”.
Do you know of other Czech-related expat blogs? Please share in the comment section below.
And if you’ve read this far and are still hungry for more, at the Brno Expat Centre we have put together useful links including news in English, NGOs helping expats, and foreign Facebook groups in Brno.


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