Can foreigners vote in Brno municipal elections?

UPDATE, 22.9.2014
As the Regional Court in Brno has ruled, EU citizens with PERMANENT as well as TEMPORARY residence status can register into the electoral register list and vote in the upcoming municipal elections.
Foreigners can register with this form and their ID and residence cards at the appropriate City Office before October 8, 4pm.

If you are an EU citizen with permanent or temporary residence in the Czech Republic, you can participate in the municipal elections too, both actively and passively – vote and be elected.
Citizens of other EU member states have the right to vote in the municipal elections at the place of their residency if they have reached the age of 18 and have been registered for permanent or temporary residence status in the territory of the Czech Republic.
Besides having the residence card, you need to be included in the electoral register at the relevant municipal office not later than 48 hours prior to the elections – i.e. October 8, 4 pm.
The registration in the electorate register in Brno can be done through your local municipal office, according to the address on your residence card. For instance, in Brno střed – the city centre – this is at Dominikanská 2 at the office of Informatics with Mrs. Prokopová.
For other city districts you can find the contacts here. The same office will let you know where the polling station is and will issue ballot papers to you or you pick them up at the polling station on the election day.
Well, and who to cast a ballot for? That is the question. For an elementary signpost of political parties running for the municipal elections in Brno read Don Sparling’s article on What to expect in Brno municipal council electionAnd join us and the head of the department of political studies to analyse the programmes of political parties and their efforts in making Brno more international and welcoming, Thursday Sept 25:

…and join us for our BEC InformAL event if you are hungry for more:

BEC InformAL: Brno Elections, September 25, 7 pm

Diagram on how can foreigners register and vote:
How to vote communal


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