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A growing number of our clients work at international companies settled down in Brno. Last year we started to cooperate with GTS Lufthansa providing their foreign employees with a priority access to our free consultation and field assistance.
This summer Red Hat, CTP, Dixons and Pixmania joined the BEC Partnership Programme too. Their financial contributions help us to cover the cost as the Municipality can afford only a limited support in these hard economic times. In exchange the companies have the right to co-form the BEC priority areas and plans including the event formats, topics and schedule in the way it fits their employees’ needs and preferences.
Employees of our partners can expect swift answers to all questions, field assistance & interpretation at foreign police, immigration office, labour office, car registry, bank, accountant etc. Our consultants are available every month for visits at company premises for individual consultation or an informal meeting. The partners can also enjoy the exposure at relevant events and the right to promote their business and job positions through our monthly newsletter and social media channels.
A new feature of the Partnership package is presented for new arrivals at the partners premises on regular basis. The Welcome Seminar – crash introduction to Brno, South Moravia region, BEC services and key topics (immigration, transportation, housing, language, medical care, culture, sports and leisure) is followed by Q&A session and individual consultations.
Ask your HR or more experienced colleagues for more information about how we can help. The membership in the Brno Expat Centre Partnership Programme is also a signal your employer cares about you beyond the legal duty and that contributes to foreign nationals integration and friendly multicultural environment in Brno.
If you are employed at other international company and have more foreign colleagues who would like to enjoy the same benefits talk to your HR department or the management. We are in contact with more organisations employing a larger number of expats, but they need to hear from you as well.


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