Dealing with the CzechPoint service

Do you know you can do so much more other than sending letters or parcels at the post office? You can set up a bank account and buy a variety of magazines there. You can buy scratch tickets and small toys from the Igráček collection. You can even pick up a movie or a book there.
More importantly, most of the post offices are a contact place for the CzechPoint service.
The CzechPoint service is a platform for assisted access to the public administration system. This means you can get certified extracts from a number of public administration information systems such as Criminal Register and Land Register. And you can have a signature verified there.
Expats often need an Extract from the Criminal Register (výpis z rejstříku trestů) and a verified signature or authenticated copy. Let’s take a closer look at these:
Extract from the Criminal Register
You will have to produce the following identity documents to obtain an extract:

  • a valid identification card (EU citizens);
  • a valid passport (nonEU citizens);
  • and a residence permit.

EU citizens (except for citizens of Italy, Portugal, Finland, the Netherlands, and Hungary) can be given an extract from their home country as well if they ask for it. You will need to ask for a výpis z rejstříku trestů s přílohou.
The process takes up to 25 days. You will be notified if it is ready sooner, though. Also you can pick your extract up at any other CzechPoint contact place. The fee is 100 CZK.
Verification of a signature and authentication of documents
When it comes to verification, the CzechPoint service works like a notary. Anytime you need something notarized you can just go to your nearest post office (that has the CzechPoint logo). The same documents need to be produced:

  • a valid identification card (EU citizens);
  • a valid passport (nonEU citizens);
  • and a residence permit.

The clerk will attach a small document with information regarding who, where and when has done the verification. Then you will sign the document in front of them. The process takes around 10 minutes and costs 30 CZK.
If you need an authentication of your document (a copy) you can just bring the document with you (only documents in Czech or Slovak language will be verified) and ask for an authenticated copy (ověřená kopie). The clerk will make a copy and put a stamp on it. Again, the process takes around 10 minutes and costs 30 CZK + 3 CZK for a black and white copy.
You will find more information regarding the CzechPoint service and post services in general at the Czech Post website.


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