Czech pension system explained

How high is the pension in the CR? Why do I have to send money into the system if I’m not going to retire in the CR? And can I get my money back when I leave the country?

…these are just a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding pension that we receive at the Brno Expat Centre.

Jan Kopkáš, our senior consultant, has put together a guide explaining the system briefly, with links to detailed information if you fancy delving into the topic further.

And to answer the questions asked above:

  • The average Czech pension in 2022 is around 16 000 CZK per month.
  • The Czech system is based on two main principles. It balances the principle of rewarding personal achievements with solidarity. What it means in practice:  by law, every economically active person in the CR has to contribute to the in-use pension fund for retired people of today; you aren’t saving the money for your own retirement.
  • And no, you cannot get the money you paid to the compulsory (“first pillar” – read more in the guide) pension insurance out when you leave the country.



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