Czech banks overview: Opening a current account in Brno

Author: Šárka Kysilková for the Brno Expat Centre

When  living and working in Brno you will most probably need to set up a bank account. What makes you to decide which bank to go for?  Czech banking sector is quite developed and stable. There are large, international banks that offer wide scale of products and have on their side experience and stability, but you may pay a bit extra on charges (Citibank, CSOB, CS,…). If you are looking for low fees and you don’t need any special services, consider one of the low cost banks (Fio Bank, mBank, Air Bank, Zuno,…).
We have visited branches of several banks and studied carefully their offers, asked questions. Findings from these enquires are described in the overview of selected banks in Brno. See for yourself which offer interests you. Please note, that it is a selection of banks, there is much wider range in Brno, but we couldn’t have covered it all.

Q&As, contact details, opening hours and more:
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