New opportunities by BEC to help your business grow

Are you a foreign entrepreneur, a startup founder or leader, a freelancer, manager, investor or business angel living or working in Brno or the region? Or are you thinking of leaving your job to start a business? Keep reading.

The Brno Expat Centre has been helping the foreign community for almost 10 years now and throughout that time, the number of business-oriented people has been constantly growing. In a recent survey addressed to foreigners in Brno, we learned that over 20 per cent of you are thinking of starting a business.
Therefore, we want to help that 20 per cent to network, build & develop successful enterprises. For that purpose, we are creating a group of foreign business people in Brno to connect them to the right partners among the locals.

And that’s why we are introducing:

BEC’s new venture: Regular Business Meetings

In February, we are launching a new serie of events for expats interested in business. Every quarter, we’ll be inviting some 15 people to an informal moderated meeting where we can discuss business issues introduced by one or two experts, or give the floor to promising startups to present their business plans.
The topic may also be a successful (or failed!) business story or a case shared by a well-known personality visiting Brno. Startups will have a chance to get feedback from experienced business people, coaches, mentors and their peers in the room. Valuable contacts and tips will be exchanged over glasses of wine. The admission will be free.
Our first event takes place on February 26 (late afternoon). If you are interested to become a part of our group and join us, please send a few words of introduction (your nationality, professional background, business sector, topics you are interested in and reasons why you’d like to attend) to
We will be happy to meet you and invite you to join us.


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