700+ people from 95 countries: that was the 1st Brno Expat Fair

Brno is a foreigner-friendly city. Though life here might still have its challenges, in many ways you couldn’t have chosen a better place to live. There are public policies attracting and welcoming expats, and many of them are put into practise. There are companies making sure their experienced employees are happy here and choose to stay longer. There are services catering to the needs of English-speaking customers.

The Brno Expat Centre did their best to prove that all of the above is true. All on one day and all in one place – that’s why they organised the first Brno Expat Fair, titled and focused on ‘Living in Brno’.

“We brought all that we do online throughout the year into Tržnice Brno for one day,” said Katka Báňová, the event manager. “We wanted to make expats aware of the wide variety of possibilities they have here in Brno,” said Don Sparling, the co-founder of the BEC.

The ‘Living in Brno’ fair was the first and largest presentation of Brno’s services, employers and expat organisations. Visitors had the chance to meet and talk to 70 vendors, listen to 14 expert seminars or take part in a workshop led by Brno NGOs or community clubs.

The event attracted more than 700 expats from Brno, from 95 countries: most of them from India, the UK, USA, Russia and Italy.

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Click here to see the whole album.

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The City of Brno was very much in full support of the event, and they stood in Tržnice alongside the Brno Expat Centre to showcase the city activities and listened to your questions, queries and suggestions.

The event was organized under the auspices of The Lady Mayor of Brno: „The City is aware of the important value the international companies and institutions and their employees bring here. Our vision is to become a diverse, open and tolerant city that is able to attract and retain talented foreigners.“, says Ms. Markéta Vaňková, The Lady Mayor of Brno.

  • Living in Brno 2019 – Brno Expat Fair
  • 27 April 2019
  • Website: livinginbrno.cz
  • Facebook event: here 

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