Introducing a new BEC infosheet: Having a baby

Having a baby is a very special and joyous life event. However, it is also connected with a series of standard obligations such as regular medical check-ups and various administrative procedures. Having a baby in a foreign country can thus create a whole new list of things that need to be dealt with.
Such is the case of becoming an expat parent in the Czech Republic as well. While expecting a baby, the parents should be aware of and well familiar with their rights and possibilities as well as with a number of steps that need to be taken both before and after the little one arrives.
Newborn baby in his mothers safe handsBased on our experience with various local offices and thanks to precious feedback from some of our expat clients, we have created an overview tracking the whole process of having a baby in Brno place by place.
We start with the prebaby essentials – hospitals and doctors, then we move to a the birth registry office and end up with embassies and health insurance and immigration offices.
At the very end we also attach a list of useful links to various expat family forums and groups that future expat parents can use as a source of tips and contacts, as well as links to centres providing antenatal and family consultancies.
As we believe the expat families are the core of every expat community, we are also planning on creating more family-oriented infosheets which will focus on a ‘typical’ birth process in the Czech Republic and maternity and parental benefits.


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