BEC calls for startups with a foreign background

Are you a foreign entrepreneur, a startup founder or leader, a freelancer, manager, investor or business angel living or working in Brno or the region? Or are you thinking of leaving your job to start a business? Keep reading.

The number of business-oriented people in our expat community has been growing. Over 20% of foreigners are thinking of starting a business (according to 2018 Brno expat survey). That’s why we’re creating a group of foreign business people in Brno to introduce them to the right partners among the locals, to network, to build & develop successful enterprises.

In February and May, we held our first moderated meetings focused on venture capital investment and hiring talents. Almost 40 people of 17 different nationalities sat around the table and discussed issues introduced by three invited experts, and exchanged valuable contacts and tips over glasses of Moravian wine. Read more about our new event series here.

Feedback for startups

For the next meeting, we’re planning to select three or more promising startups with an international element (be it their founder, leader or key team member). We’ll give them a chance to present their business and get feedback from experienced business people, coaches, mentors and other peers in the room. 

The event will take place in early September (tbd). If you are interested to apply with your business (it could also be early stage or freelancers‘ projects), fill in the simple form (it takes just 5 minutes) by 23 August. All applicants will be invited to the event.

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Confirmed mentors

Petter Frisell
Business Angel, Senior Finance and Shared Services professional, with a background from FTSE/Fortune 100 multi-nationals.

Jan Všianský
Business angel investor, serving the local startup community as a mentor and expert. Loves discussions on Business Development and Lean methodology. The founder of Lingea.

Karel Fuksa
Seasoned manager with broad experience in both large technology group and now in the startup organization. Passionate about different cultures, new technology and turning ideas into business opportunities. A repat (former Czech expat in Malaysia).

Vlastimil Veselý
IT consultant & mentor connecting business people and researchers. Loves passionate startups with foreign overlap. The founder of FIRST Innovation Park, Brno Expat Centre and TEDxBrno.

Luděk Kuhr
KoPlac founder, BizGarden, R&D manager and business development advisor at ALPDEST CEE, Resort and Country Manager Central Europe

Foreign entrepreneurs / freelancers, startup founders or leaders are welcome. You can take your Czech company partner with you, but you will be the one presenting.

LinkedIn page for business savy expats

Other piece of news is that we have launched a new LinkedIn page dedicated to the Brno business expat community.

If you are one of the 20% of expats who want to or have started their own business, take a look and consider following. We are going to share relevant news and opportunities here, and encourage the exchange of business ideas.

Have a look at the new LinkedIn page

Seminar: The Freelance Way to Do Business

16 October. Learn more

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