Hot summer barbecue spots in Brno

The barbecue season is peaking and we have received a couple of questions about where to grill in Brno. Meeting friends for a picnic over hot sizzling meal and cold drinks is becoming favorite pass time for Brnorians too. Except for the greenery in the very city center, you may bring your barbecue station wherever you like.
The off limits parks are Lužánky, Koliště park (behind The House of Arts), gardens under the Petrov cathedral (Denisovy sady and Studánka) and greenery around the Špilberk castle. You are not allowed to make a campfire or even bring a charcoal grill. These parks are considered more as a cultural heritage rather than a leisure time space. On the other hand you may rent out the parks with facilities for a wedding or birthday party.
brnogrilAll other parks in the territory of different city districts are opened for public leisure activities including spreading a picnic blanket and grilling.
In the centre Brno-střed that would most importantly be the park on Kraví hora (tram no. 4 to Náměstí Míru). The city district plans to set up some „barbecue points“ with public grill stations and seating in the future. You may place your grill anywhere to your liking as far as it doesn’t bother anyone around. That means keeping the smoke low and picking up all garbage before leaving.
Same goes for the grove Wilsonův les (tram no. 3 to Burianovo náměstí), beaches and lawns around the Brno dam or the trail through Údolí oddechu in Brno-Bystrc (tram no. 1 and 3 to Zoo Brno). Easy to reach by tram no. 9 or 11 is the meadow at Čertova rokle, even though the surrounding is not so romantic due to the gray socialist construction around.
In any case you have to make sure the fire is under control, there is no black smoke coming out and around, you don’t disturb the neighborhood, and always clean up. During extremely hot and dry season like last few weeks in the summer of 2013 you have to be extremely careful and check if there is a ban on any outdoor open fire from the regional fire brigade.
If you prefer to stay home and grill at your terrace or balcony, just make sure your neighbours are ok with it. They may complain to the municipal police for being bothered by smoke, smell or noise. In which case share a bit of your steak or some Portobello mushrooms with them to keep them happy and obliged.

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