Start a new hobby

Were you thinking of starting a new hobby? Or maybe picking an old one up?

Many courses start across the city in autumn, but don’t worry, in many of these you can also join later. Brno might be small, but its pool of possibilities is not. We prepared a list for you to browse. 

  1. Language
  2. Acting
  3. Art
  4. Music
  5. Books
  6. Sport
  7. Dancing
  8. Gardening


Let’s start with language courses. Correct language schoolPelican language school or Czech Courses extend Czech classes as well as many other languages. When learning Czech, always check the Centre for Foreigners and their free live or on-line classes. Nina English provides fun English courses tailored mainly for women. If Spanish and Portuguese sound better to you, we recommend Zona Iberoamericana


If you aspire to become the next Brad Pitt or Maril Streep, in Brno you can sign up for acting courses at Brusinka Centre and set your dream career in motion. Alternatively, if you are more interested in amateur acting, Czech Theater stands as a multicultural amateur community theatre performing Czech plays in English.


In case you are more of an artsy person, Brno’s multitude of galleries, such as the Moravian Gallery, TIC Gallery, and Fait Gallery, remain open year-round. If you want to create your own art, consider the Lužánky Leisure Centre, offering pottery, taichi or dance classes catering to all. Moreover, pottery enthusiasts can explore various centres, including Matilda, Kera Studio, and Ya Sama, each offering their own unique courses to fill your kitchen shelves with charmingly imperfect mugs. The Multicultural Centre Brusinka extends drawing and painting classes for students of all ages, for beginners and advanced, in English, Czech, Russian and Ukrainian. For those drawn to the traditional art of embroidery, Zašívárna‘s courses provide a window into this time-honoured craft. 


If music is what you’re looking for, the central website can connect you with a teacher for any musical instrument or interest you might have. Additionally, you can sign up in many Art schools in Brno through Last but not least, we already mentioned Centre Brusinka for painting, they also have a private music studio in Brno offering singing, piano, guitar, flute and violin classes.


For those who find solace in the world of literature, we recommend many libraries, including Moravian Library, Jiří Mahen Library and those affiliated with Masaryk University. Should you find other people who share your love of books, Moravian Library hosts a Reading group. Further, Book Lovers and The Brno Book Club offer gatherings to discuss novels and short stories. And aspiring authors should join the Writers’ group.


It is essential to stay healthy and moving and Brno has lots of clubs and courses for that. We have many public pools in Brno, so you can find one that is close to your home. The Brno Reservoir presents a chance to realise water sports dreams through boat rentals. Exploring the official Brno website reveals many different sports sites all over the city, for example, tennis or badminton. Kaskáda Golf Centre offers a haven for golf enthusiasts while climbing enthusiasts can explore both indoor gyms and outdoor climbing sites through platforms like For gym enthusiasts, City Gym, Ladies Gym, Best Gym Horova, and Elite Gym Brno beckon. Should you aspire to combine physical activity with social interaction, the Facebook group Sports Brno International provides an avenue to meet fellow expats while prioritising your well-being. Lastly, we recommend a great event happening each September in Kraví hora, Recruitment Day, tens of clubs will be present to recruit people interested in sports. 


If you were thinking about moving your body more, we have curated a selection of dance courses that could interest you. Swing enthusiasts can embrace their passion in two dance groups that would love to have you: Swing Wings and Rug Cutters. Zona Iberoamericana and Studio Stolárna offer Latino dance. If you are inclined more towards traditional Irish dancing, we recommend Démáirt. Meanwhile, Dance Centre Brno boasts over twenty different dance courses, so you can find the perfect fit.


And if you have a green thumb but no garden, Brno extends its hospitality through community gardens where you can join other gardening enthusiasts and care for nature and your soul. Notable options include Přírodní zahrada u smrku, Zahrada v pytli and Otevřená zahrada Nadace partnerství. Also, Kvítka v bytě presents courses and subscriptions as well as plant sales for those eager to engage in indoor gardening.

Lastly, for those in search of like-minded souls to share hobbies and interests, several Facebook groups offer possibilities to connect:


Photo courtesy of, Swing Wings, City of Brno.


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