Some insurance companies can help you find a doctor

Finding a doctor and getting a timely appointment is an ongoing struggle for many expats and Czechs alike.  Our consultants have recently come upon this possible assistance:

One commercial health insurance company – PVZP, and one public insurance company – OZP, can help you find a doctor and book an appointment for you.

The insurance company is cooperating with, which is an online platform offering these services. As a paying customer of PVZP or OZP, you’d be entitled to their help for free.

Some other insurance companies use the platform’s services – even if you’re not with PVZP or OZP, check on the website whether your company would pay for you to take advantage of this assistance. (The most popular company, VZP, is not one of them, though.)

How does it work

Primarily, offers medical advice online – you post your question online (with pictures and other documents attached if needed), and one of their specialists will reply. If the problem requires medical attention in person, they’ll help you get an appointment.

For PVZP clients, start here. If you have a different insurance company, start by visiting the website and follow their directions.

Secondarily, some employers and institutions are cooperating with further, paying for priority services of finding a doctor for their employers right away. This is not available for an individual customer, though. Check with your HR if your company knows and uses If not, maybe make a suggestion?



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