March measures overview - what's allowed and what no longer is

These are the new rules, in effect from 1 March.

Restrictions of movement in Brno

As of 1 March, strict rules for crossing borders between districts apply.

Two districts, Brno-City and Brno-Outskirts, are considered a single compound, you can move freely for essential trips: for work, shopping, administration. You might be asked to show proof of your address in one of these districts (your residence card, your lease contract,etc).

You can do so between 5 am and 9 pm.

BUT leisure time activities are limited to the territory of one municipality only. Therefore, Brnoers are allowed to sport or go for a walk only within Brno-City. (This still allows you to go running in Královo Pole even if you live in Černá Pole district; but not to take a trip to Tišnov)

To leave your district (or Brno compound), you have to have a specific reason (e.g. for travelling to work, a doctor or public authority, or travel to the airport) and for that, you need to have a written confirmation or an affidavit (=a sworn statement – more information and affidavit templates for travelling outside these districts can be found on the page of the Ministry of Interior)

Police will check the observance of these restrictions at random, including on trains and buses. Police forces will be also reinforced by several thousand of soldiers.

Shops, restaurants, offices

About half of the shops that had an exception and were open in February are now closed. Closing down are laundry shops, accountants, stationeries, kid’s clothes and shoeshops.

Restaurants remain closed, with the possibility of “window ordering”, which can be opened until 9 pm.

Shops and services that remain open

  • grocery stores, petrol stations, drugstores
  • pharmacies
  • pet stores
  • opticians
  • towing and car repair shops
  • tobacco and newspapers’
  • e-shop delivery spots
  • gardening shops
  • transport ticket offices
  • flower shops
  • electronics and computer repair shops
  • funeral services
  • unmanned car washes
  • household goods
  • waste recycling yards
  • taxi services
  • companies providing psychodiagnostic examinations

…complete overview of the regulations of the shops and services is available at the portal.

Compulsory respirators

It’s mandatory to wear a respirator (or technically equally effective device) everywhere indoors – in shops, businesses and means of transport. Homemade masks are no longer sufficient, nor is it enough to wear two medical masks.

Outside, you’re required to wear a respirator or a medical mask at all times anywhere on the streets and in the parks of the city. Only if you go for a walk in a forest and you’re there alone (or with more than 2m distance from another person), you can take the mask off.

FFP2 respirators will be required in the workplace, unless the staff are working alone. Employers must provide respirators for their workers.

Schools and kindergartens

…will close now to children of all ages. Only children with parents working in healthcare and crisis management are allowed to attend schools.


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