Success! All foreigners with residence in Brno can now apply for a parking permit

Our consultants, in cooperation with the City, have achieved a small victory. After several weeks of back and forward with the Parking Office, they corrected their requirements for foreigners applying for a residential parking permit:

Now, not only foreigners with a permanent residence permit or EU citizens with a Temporary residence permit, but all foreigners with temporary or long-term residence permits (EU or nonEU) can apply for residence parking.

Brno certainly tries to make relocating to the city as smooth as possible for expats. Not every time do all their offices get it immediately right, though. That’s why we’d like to thank the City’s Advisory Board for Integration of Foreigners, led by Marek Fišer, for their listening ears and their support in making sure foreigners don’t face any discrimination when dealing with public offices.

The problem at the Parking Office was rooted in the incorrect understanding of the “permanent residence” condition the Office had been leaning towards up until this point. The same term is used across Czech law with different meanings; it has varying definitions when it comes to Czech citizens and foreigners, based on different Acts of Law. Applying the same term across both groups of people was discriminatory.

Well, it’s all been cleared now!

You can also read more in our guide written specifically with expats in mind: Parking in the City.  You can apply with your residence card and vehicle documents also at


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