When & Where?

13 April 2021

09:00 - 18:00

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Is your child due to start attending school or kindergarten this year? You can follow the steps in our Guide on Schools and fill out their registration forms at the respective websites – https://zapisdozs.brno.cz/ for primary schools and https://zapisdoms.brno.cz/ for kindergartens. The registration process takes place during the month of April, when you have to deliver your application form to the selected school(s). Applications can be sent by post, data mailbox or delivered in person to the school postbox.

For those who may be having trouble filling out the form or communicating with their chosen school, we are setting up a walk-in clinic on Tuesday 13 April. You can select one of the time slots via this form and we will deal with your case individually. We can do so online via a video call or in person, should you choose to come to our office.

If this date doesn’t suit you, don’t worry and contact our consultants.

Don’t forget that the deadline for submitting primary school applications is 30 April and for kindergartens 4 May.

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