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09 February 2022

17:00 - 19:30

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The deadline for Czech income tax return for 2021 (end of March) is approaching. Let’s be prepared.

If you’re only employed in one job, your HR department will deal with your tax return and you’ll only be asked to come and sign it. However, if you have any extra income (e.g. from renting a property here in CZ or in your home country, from a part-time job or private business), you have to take care of the dreaded pink papers yourself.

You can begin by reading our guide on taxes. And if it still seems too complex for you? Do not despair.

Michal Hájek, a certified tax advisor, will be available for free of charge short and basic consultations about your rights, duties and options at our office (don’t expect to file your tax return here in 15 minutes).

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