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10 May 2022

17:30 - 19:45
Masaryk University, Komenského nám. 2, Brno

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Are you expecting a baby? Congratulations!

Although the birth of a child is preceded by many nice and romantic things, when it comes to it, many important and practical issues must be resolved and taken care of. It’s quite a feat even for Czech parents, so BEC is here to help you find your way through it all and provide answers to your questions, with the assistance of numerous expert speakers.

We will tackle these areas with the following guests:

  • Legal and employment issues – Kamil Fedr (kamil.fedr@ppce.cz), Petyovský & Partners
  • Maternity and paternity benefits, sickness benefit – Dušan Fousek (dusan.fousek@cssz.cz), MSSZ Social Security
  • Mother’s and baby’s health insurance – Hana Faltýnková (hana.faltynkova@vzp.cz), VZP Brno, Viktória Collier (viktoria.collier@obchod.uniqa.cz), UNIQUA
  • Pregnancy and giving birth in Brno – Iva Korábová (korabova.iva@gmail.com) and Johana Scholzová (scholzova.pa@gmail.com), midwives; Lorena Torsani (lorenatorsani@gmail.com), doula; Dori Fodor (Fodorova.Dora@fnbrno.cz) – midwife from the University Hospital program, Jana Zlámalová Kuchýrková (janakuchyrkova@seznam.cz), physiotherapist
  • Registering the baby – Markéta Tintěrová (marketa.tinterova@brno-stred.cz), Brno – město Registry (Matrika)
  • Citizenship and residency – Kamil Fedr (kamil.fedr@ppce.cz), Petyovský & Partners
  • Parental leave and benefit – Lucia Konôpková (konopkova@brnoexpatcentre.eu), BEC

Don’t forget to register via the red button above as the number of spaces in the room is limited. If you have any specific questions, feel free to send them to us ahead of time, to give the speakers a chance to prepare.

Recording of the seminar

Due to the last-minute change of venue, we were unable to ensure a good quality of sound. Unfortunately, this resulted in a very, very poor audio quality of the recording. We’re following our promises and sharing the video with you but please, remember that you can always ask us questions rather than suffering through 3 hours of buzzing sounds.

Start (30 minutes), 1st half (84 minutes), 2nd half (74 minutes).


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Bookings are closed for this event.


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