What's behind the Czech startup scene?

The Startup Report 2019-20 recently published by Keiretsu Forum puts together the views of 150 Czech startups and 100 other players from the field (investors, corporations, accelerators and incubators). Some of them are based in Brno. They were all asked for their opinions about the startup ecosystems in the Czech Republic, and you can read what they had to say inside the report. Together with some statistics:

How does a usual startup founder look?

Over three-quarters of founders have a university education. Two-thirds are childless. 43 % founded one startup, 27 % two and 15 % three. The majority (57 %) is between 30 and 39 years old.

What’s the sector with the most startups?

Most startups actually cover several areas of business. Information technology is still dominant, but more and more businesses are getting involved in agriculture/food, life sciences or logistics/mobility, too.

What are the most common obstacles?

The startups see the biggest barriers in insufficient capital, the small size of the local market and the lack of skilled employees. The investors and corporations put more stress on the business model and the correct grasp of sales. They think startups don’t put enough emphasis on planning and financial responsibility, actual and timely care for customers’ needs when developing their product or service.

Read more in the report. It’s free to download from here: startupreport.cz/eng



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