Lullabies from all over the world - a new album made in Brno

Last Autumn, we announced another round of our initiative to support innovative projects created by expats – called ‘Expats for Brno’. Aude Stulírová Martin won the grant with her “Bébe Lune”, a collection of lullabies from many countries around the world.

Now, the album is out!

Aude met with foreigners living in Brno and asked them to teach her their favourite lullabies. Among the songs gathered, you’ll find lullabies from the Netherlands, Finland, Romania, Mexico, and even from countries such as Mongolia, Algeria, India, Guadeloupe and Tanzania.

Aude is a French artist living in the Czech Republic since 2011. She is a co-founder of the travelling theatre company Le Cabaret Nomade and the band Šarivary.

“When after 30 years, I heard the lullaby that my mom used to sing to me as a child, I was really touched,” says Aude. “I realized how deep such a small thing as a song can carve into your soul. And this is one of the reasons why life enchants me.”

Aude is now getting the funds to print a booklet to accompany the album. You can support her project and get the album through her Donio crowdfunding page.

Photo courtesy by Aude Stulírová Martin


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