Apps for Your Life in Brno

Sort out your paperwork, book your flights, pack your bags; and get your phone ready. Your to-do-list for moving to a new country may be somewhere along those lines. And the last item on it – downloading mobile applications – is becoming just as important as the other three.

Below, you can find a list of applications that will make your life in Brno easier. You can download them for free from the links provided.

Are you not new to Brno anymore? Read the suggestions, anyway: I bet you’ll start wishing you would have known about some of these sooner!

Getting around


Offline tourist maps

Czech-produced maps might not be as popular as Google maps or others. However, they have one redeeming quality: they show marked tourist paths, even in their offline mode. Have you ever noticed these colourful marks on trees or lampposts? They are signifying a tourist path. ‘The Club of Czech Tourists’ takes care of them. They lead past the most beautiful sights, both natural and cultural. It is always a good idea to plan your trip, hike, & bike according to them.
You have to download the maps to be able to use them offline: you can choose to download the whole country or just a small region: as such, the size of the file is highly reduced.

Czech Public Transport IDOS

Trams, buses, trains; local or international: IDOS has it all. For most mobile users in the CR this little app has become a daily necessity. Easy to use, showing the best routes, delays and disruptions.

It doesn’t happen very often that you’ll need a different app for your travels, but we’ll show you some, anyway.


Be even more prepared:

Travelling on trains Můj vlak
The majority of trains in the CR are organised by a state-owned company: České Drahy (Czech Railways). You can purchase your ticket through their app.

Small tip: if you buy your ticket online, you can reserve a seat for free (for inland journeys). This can be a good idea if travelling during rush hour. Up-to-date schedules including real time delays for all trains are available, as well.

Train&Bus tickets with Regio Jet  The private company Regio Jet (formerly Student Agency) is known for their yellow buses connecting Europe’s biggest cities. In Brno, they stop in front of the Grand Hotel. The company also have trains, servicing the main cities in the CR. You can reserve/buy their tickets through this app.

Liftago Taxi

Familiar with Uber? We don’t have it in Brno yet (or anymore). Liftago works on a similar principle, however, their drivers are certified taxi drivers.




Food delivery from Brno restaurants Would you love to have a meal from your favourite restaurant but you are feeling too lazy to go out? You are not the only one: that’s why many citizens of Brno use the website browse through their database of restaurants they deliver from and hope yours is in there.

The app is available only in Czech so far, although their website is in English.

Online grocery shopping You can do your grocery shopping through this app easily, in a matter of minutes. They can deliver to your flat/office at any time you request and even within two hours from your order. 

Their app and website are only available in Czech for now. However, there are loads of pictures.

 Look for a restaurant with Zomato  A location based map of restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes. Hungry? Search the nearest places and find out what is their lunch menu today.


Just Plain Useful


Google Translate This app can translate multiple forms of text and media, including text, speech, images, sites, or real-time video, from one language to another. Yes, Czech too.
If you are often offline, you can also download this CZ/EN dictionary with an installed database.

Emergency Záchranka

Save a life! The Záchranka mobile app is an easy way to contact the Emergency Medical Services when you need them most. It sends your exact location and other practical information to be used for your rescue.

Be even more prepared:

Weather forecast Meteoradar Where is it raining and where are the clouds moving to? Get this app so the weather will not surprise you. The application displays rainfall recorded every ten minutes by meteorological radar on a map background.

Post office Pošta online Search for the nearest post offices and zip codes, track your packages and find other post related information.

Sorting waste: SAKO Sorting waste is not compulsory in the CR. However, the municipality invites you to do so: trying to make it as easy for you as possible.

This app will help you find the closest paper/plastic/glass disposal containers. If you see them overflowing, the app asks you to take a picture and send it over: they’ll come and empty it ahead of their normal schedule.  



Online shopping search Shopping in the CR will be a bit confusing at the start: what’s expensive, what’s not? Even locals are not sure about the value of some goods: this search engine will get the prices of many online shops, compare them and offer reviews for the shops in question.

Highly popular and used frequently by many Czechs, although it is not translated.


A simple app: it keeps all of your customer loyalty cards in your mobile. No need to carry them in your wallet anymore.




Cinemas programme Č Find what is playing at the cinema at any point for any location (big ones and small ones alike).

Plan your trips with Kudy z nudy This app, loosely translated as “Out of boredom”, will suggest trips and routes for your trips, giving you all the important information you need: what to see, how to get there, where to stop, where to snack. It is only in Czech, though.

Mushrooms app Would you like to go mushroom picking like every other proper Czech but you don’t trust your mushroom knowledge? This app will solve that for you: take a picture of the mushroom and the app will tell you whether you can eat it or not.

Fripito photo guides

Photo guides made for photographers by local photographers. Available for hundreds of destinations around the world, but the special place is Moravian Tuscany – extraordinary scenery just a one-hour drive from Brno. The guides include information about food, transport and mainly the tips on where to find interesting spots, local light conditions, recommended equipment, and camera settings. Fripito has been made by a successful Czech startup.

If you have a car


DICBrno Location based map of city traffic situation including parking, cameras, accidents, roadwork, etc. Available in English.

Be aware of the street cleaning: Brněnské komunikace


When is your street cleaning planned? It is good to know so you can park elsewhere on that day. Otherwise, your car will be towed and you will pay a fine.


We hope that these apps will help guide you around the city of Brno and make your stay here just a little easier.

Do you use any other Brno/Czech based applications that are missing from the list above? Tell us about them!

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