Brno-Centre District Office is now English-friendly

The Brno-Centre municipal district (Brno-střed) has the largest population of foreigners in Brno. There are over 6,000 foreigners living there, forming over 7 % of local residents.

The Brno City District Office of Brno-Centre is now striving to make communication with foreigners easier. Information on paperwork related to the registry of residents (matrika), such as having a baby, entering a marriage or registered partnership and issuing death certificates, is now available also in English and Russian.

Foreigners who pay a personal visit to the the office in Dominikánská 2 can use the help of an English-speaking clerk who would pick them up at the reception. At the information terminal there newly are English and Russian manuals on how to proceed. Starting February, 150 office employees will further their education by taking English lessons.


The Brno-Centre district is one of 29 city districts. It has 15 square kilometers in area and with 80,000 people it is the most densely inhabited Brno district.

At BEC we are hoping other city districts will follow and introduce foreigner-friendly reception soon. What is your experience when dealing with local city district offices?

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  1. Svetlana Kokushkina

    I called Matrika today and spoke with them about it. The lady on the phone knew nothing about the change. I asked her to crosscheck and she went to ask her boss. The answer was: no, it’s not possible to have service in English, we need an official translator. The information on their official web is that there will be INFORMATION in English and Russian and that they got EU money and their employees will be going to English courses for free. So I think the info you provided is misleading.

  2. Anna Sedláčková (Post author)

    Hi Svetlana, your experience contradicts the information the Brno City District Office of Brno-Centre has provided to us. If you let us know the name of the person you were in touch with and what it was about, we can look into it further. For that, please contact us through the inquiry form: Best, Anna

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