General info

All owners of imported vehicles are required to register their vehicle with the local municipality with the exception of those who stay in the Czech Republic for a period shorter than 185 days any calendar year.

The registration takes place at the municipal office (Městský úřad). In Brno, this is on Kounicova 67.

To register an imported car, you first need a Czech personal ID number (rodné číslo) issued with your temporary/long-term residence card. Read the guide Residence permits to find out more on that topic.

After that process comes the following:

  • Step 1) Imported cars need a technical inspection with State Technical Control (STK) for fuel limits and eligibility for Czech roads and issued couple protocols for imported car. These three documents (Technický protocol pro dovoz s přílohou, Protokol před schválením technické způsobilosti, Emisní prokol) must be made in your name. Appointments can be made with DEKRA. Both technical check and fuel check cost around 2.000 CZK.
  • Step 2) By law your car must be insured by Povinné ručení – mandatory liability insurance cca between five and ten thousand CZK a year can be purchased with any insurance company. See suggestions here.
  • Step 3) When you have your original registration books, technical control protocols, documents regarding your residency, and insurance ready, go to the Brno city hall Section of Vehicle License and Registration Oddělení evidence motorových vozidel on Kounicova 671 . First, you will be issued a Czech technical protocol and ideally the same day you are ready to get licence plates. The registration fee is 800+1.500 CZK for cars less than 10 years old.

1. Only a limited number of waiting tickets are issued every morning. If you wish to be issued Czech technical protocol and register the car in one day – you should come in the long office hours (8am-5pm) Monday or Wednesday. The officers at the counter usually don’t speak much English so if you aren’t confident in Czech, bring an interpreter with you.