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06 May 2020

16:00 - 17:00

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COVID-19 means that “Don’s walk” this spring has to be virtual -metaphorically speaking, “Don’s armchair walk”.

Anyone who’s been in Brno for even a week will have discovered that the siege of the city carried out by the Swedish army in 1645 is a kind of local obsession. As this year marks the 375th anniversary of the event, what better occasion to take a look at what happened back then, and how it’s become such a Big Thing in Brno.

We were looking at the “who-what-where-when-why” of the siege and its repercussions down to the present day.

In the form of statues, monuments, buildings, legends, bells and even a body, touching on such things as the Municipal Library building, the brooding, black town clock, a stained glass window, Modernist architecture, Brno’s coat of arms, and even Pope Benedict XVI.

And because it’s a live stream, it’ll be interactive – you’ll have the chance to ask questions.

Tune in at facebook.com/BrnoExpatCentre/live

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