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18 February 2021

17:00 - 18:00

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March approaches, and with it – as every year – the time to report your taxes.

We can’t do your tax return, but we can explain what you have to do with your income from business activities in the Czech Republic.

If you missed the live stream, watch the recording at Fb.com/BrnoExpatCentre/live(You don’t need to be signed in to watch)

Self-employed entrepreneurs (“OSVČ” with or without “živnost”) are welcome to watch this webinar. (If you’re employed, watch a different webinar when we describe your situation).

We talked about:
  • income and business expenses
  • income taxtax allowances and tax reliefs
  • social security
  • health insurance

Please note that the event won’t help you actually fill out your tax return forms. If you need assistance with that, you can get in touch with a tax consultant. We recommend these services.

Jan Kopkáš, our BEC senior consultant, explains all of the important issues and answer your questions. Michael Hájek from BELL Consulting is our ‘expert on the phone’ and answers your questions.

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