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14 January 2021

17:00 - 18:00

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We know how to heal physical wounds; we know what to do when we feel under the weather. But do we know how to heal mental pain like loneliness, rejection or failure?
Expats are often far away from their safety net of family and friends close by. And now, due to covid restrictions, you don’t even have regular personal contact with colleagues at work, which may once again increase the feelings of isolation.

Let’s see how we can take our mental health as seriously as physical health and explore how to heal common heartaches. And why there is no shame in asking for help from an expert.

It all starts and ends with how we take care of ourselves. How much care we give ourselves. Yet, real self-care is a lot more than a wellness day or buying some flowers for our apartment.

This year’s January personal development webinar shows you how to do it. For this purpose, we asked Markéta Horáková, Creative Director and Founder of Terapie v Lese, a forest therapy project.

She covered the following areas:

  • Physical health versus mental health
  • How emotions influence how we think and act
  • Why it’s normal to feel blue (and how to take control again)
  • How to deal with loneliness and isolation
  • Ways to stop emotional bleeding to get back on track

Watch the recording through here (for free and without logging-in): Fb.com/BrnoExpatCentre



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