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06 August 2020

18:00 - 20:00
Brno Expat Centre, Orlí 3, Brno

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Lots of things happen in this country over pints of beers. Czechs meet, flirt, talk business, discuss politics and preach philosophy in pubs.

Join us for a late afternoon with some beer samples and with the basics of Czech pub etiquette needed to make that good first impression. There’s much more to a proper visit to a pub than just “Jedno pivo, prosím.”

We know that Czech isn’t exactly the easiest language to master, but since you happen to live in this country, some practical phrases will always be useful for you. That’s why we’re introducing a new series of events, aimed to help you practise your Czech with BEC, guided by our very own consultant and certified Czech teacher Veronika.

We will always choose a topic, delve into some words and phrases and try them out in simple conversations, possibly helped and spiced up by illustrative scenes from epic Czech movies. The first topic focuses on a world where anyone can become a friend you haven’t met yet – the pub. You can look forward to the most useful ways of ordering a pint or chatting up fellow locals. Beer and some nibbles at our ‘makeshift pub’ will be at the ready to illustrate the atmosphere, anyone is welcome.



Bookings are closed for this event.


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