When & Where?

07 June
19 June 2021
10:00 - 22:00
Moravské nám. for the Expo, Špilberk for the game

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We’ve not been able to hold our Brno Expat Fair for 2 years in a row. But we’re still here for you and so is Brno. And we’re done with postponing – we’re changing the format instead. Let’s have an event during which you can find out about the great things that this city has to offer, and still stay safe.

We present Brno Expat City Days, 7-19 June, during which you can play a city game on the streets of Brno and visit an open-air expo:

1. CITY GAME: ‘Brno is My Playground’

You might know where to find the Brno dragon or what a šalina is, but this game will challenge your Brno-knowledge on a different level: you’ll need your wit and navigational skills, not only on the streets but through the maze of the whole Czech experience.

Follow a trail through the city and crack the quiz questions if you know what it really takes to live in Brno, discover many interesting places along the way and win attractive prizes. You can compete alone or in a small team, you can do it all in one day or take a whole week, as you wish.

  • WHEN: play anytime between 7-19 June
  • WHERE: follow a trail through the centre

2. OPEN-AIR EXPO: ‘Living in Brno exhibition’

Instead of a closed space at Tržnice, you can learn about all the prospective employers, reliable services, cultural institutions, sport facilities and exciting leisure opportunities in open air and with minimal contact.

  • WHEN: 14-19 June
  • WHERE: Moravské náměstí, near the horse (giraffe?) statue
  • FINALE: Saturday 19 June. Stop by on Saturday afternoon to meet with our consultants live, pick up a prize from the CITY GAME, and enjoy the summer day with some live music with us.

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