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31 May 2024

10:00 - 12:00
Brno Expat Centre, Orlí 3, Brno

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The Brno Expat Spouse Programme aims to provide spouses / family members of highly qualified expat employees working in Brno with interesting and fulfilling opportunities that suit their situation in life and enhance their potential. The programme events are freely accessible to those who fit this target group.

You are welcome to our monthly InSpiration MeetuP, an ocasion for expat spouses to meet over a cup of coffee, share and network, and gather useful information to make their life in Brno easier and worthwile.

As the ‘romantic’ month of May draws to a close, let’s focus on relationships. We have various people in our lives who influence our existence in different ways. They can support, encourage and uphold us, they can infringe or threaten us, they can move us forward. However, when we relocate, the number of those people reduces dramatically and so does our support network. And so the valuable people in our lives become all the more important.

Are you an expat spouse navigating the complexities of life in a new country? Join us for an empowering workshop designed to enhance your communication skills and strengthen your relationships, both personally and professionally!

In “Empowering Connections,” we’ll delve into the art of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), a powerful tool for fostering understanding, empathy, and connection. Led by experienced facilitator Tesa Vitelj, who herself experienced expat life as a spouse, this interactive workshop offers practical strategies tailored to the unique challenges faced by expat spouses.

Discover how to navigate personality differences with grace, communicate effectively across language barriers, and build deeper connections with your partner, family, and community. Gain valuable insights into the dynamics of living abroad, challenge in relationships and learn how to overcome common communication obstacles.

But that’s not all! The skills you’ll learn in this workshop are not just applicable to your personal life—they’re also invaluable in your professional career. Effective communication is the cornerstone of success in any workplace, and mastering NVC can give you a competitive edge in today’s globalized business world.

Through engaging activities, role-play, and real-life scenarios, you’ll develop the skills and confidence to:

  • Express yourself authentically while honoring the perspectives of others
  • Listen with empathy and compassion, even in challenging professional situations
  • Resolve conflicts peacefully and collaboratively, fostering a positive home and work environment
  • Build strong relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual understanding

Whether you’re adjusting to a new culture, facing communication challenges in your relationship, or seeking to excel in your career, this workshop is for you. Join us and embark on a journey of self-discovery, connection, and empowerment.

Don’t miss out on this transformative experience! Reserve your spot today and take the first step towards building thriving relationships in your expat journey, both personally and professionally.

Workshop will be held online but you are more than welcome to join physically at Expat Brno Center and use the opportunity for networking afterwards.

This workshop lead by Tesa Vitelj, a former travelling expat spouse herself, will support you to experience being seen and understood, to learn how to speak your partner’s, friend’s or colleague’s ‘language’, whichever country they may come from.
As a result, it will bring a transformation of how we speak to ourselves and one another, engaging in one empathetic conversation at a time.

We’re also happy to listen to your needs and suggestions, and can provide useful tips on how to proceed with the other elements of our spouse programme that could support you.

Last but not least, there will be time for questions and networking with others over a nice cup of coffee.

Link to workshop: Join the meeting

More about Tesa: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tesa-vitelj/


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