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21 June 2024

10:00 - 12:00
Brno Expat Centre, Orlí 3, Brno

The event is fully booked.

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This event is fully booked.

The Brno Expat Spouse Programme aims to provide spouses / family members of highly qualified expat employees working in Brno with interesting and fulfilling opportunities that suit their situation in life and enhance their potential. The programme events are freely accessible to those who fit this target group.

You are welcome to our monthly InSpiration MeetuP, an ocasion for expat spouses to meet over a cup of coffee, share and network, and gather useful information to make their life in Brno easier and worthwile.

Our upcoming career-focused interactive session led by Dan Murphy will look at all the very specific things that can kickstart your job search in Brno – clearly, honestly and straightforwardly.

It will include the following:

  • defining career goals by listing preferred workplaces and researching their values and opportunities
  • identify desired roles within these companies, understanding the required skills and responsibilities.
  • benchmarking and self-assessment, comparing one’s skills against those of individuals in their target roles
  • networking, encouraging attendees to build professional connections through platforms like LinkedIn and industry events
  • effective communication strategies for reaching out to potential employers, including crafting tailored messages and maintaining professional relationships.

We’re also happy to listen to your needs and suggestions, and can provide useful tips on how to proceed with the other elements of our spouse programme that could support you.

Last but not least, there will be also a cultural and language input to help you better understand the local environment, and time for questions and networking with others over a nice cup of coffee.


By attending a free public event organised by the Brno Expat Centre I thereby give my consent to the use of photos from the event which may contain my likeness. These may be used in BEC documentation and promotion materials.


This event is fully booked.


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