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23 February 2023

17:30 - 18:30

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How to fill in and submit a tax return form?

Due to popular demand, we are streaming a webinar with tax expert Anna Meyer, an accountant, who will answer the questions:

– whether I must file a tax return,
– whether I can and why I should file a tax return,
– how to fill in the form,
– how can I submit the tax return to the Tax Office.

The webinar is intended for international employees working in the Czech Republic, and employees with additional income(s), such as renting out, selling services or products, trading, etc.
We will talk about how to put together different income sources, and how to take benefit of all possible tax reliefs and tax allowances.

Feel free to send us your questions beforehand to give the presenter a chance to prepare. You can also post your queries via the comments during the event.

Join the live webinar through here (Facebook live, but you don’t need to have an account to watch).

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