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15 June 2019

14:00 - 18:00
Svratecká 449, Brno

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Come and spend a leisurely family afternoon with one of the typical Czech outdoor activities – canoeing – at a traditional Brno water sports venue in Brno – Komín, supported by experienced instructors. You can try out the boats on the river Svratka with the whole family and later enjoy a barbecue while the kids roam the playgrounds. (Please note that only parents who can swim can use a boat with their children.)

Participation fee: CZK 120,- for adults, CZK 80,- for children. The fee, paid in cash on the spot, covers access to the premises, boat and safety equipment and instructors. Please be so kind to bring the exact amount in cash for the fee to make the collection as smooth as possible.

The Brno Expat Centre will provide complimentary snacks, feel free to also bring whatever you’d like on the barbecue. There will also be a chance to purchase some light snacks and drinks at the venue.

How to get there? It’s easy. Take tram no. 1 , 3 or 11 toward the Brno lake and get off at Svratecká. Then just cross the bridge over the river and walk to the right along the river, the boat club grounds are only 2 minutes from there. (See also the enclosed map, the route will be signposted.) Please note that there is no full access road to the venue and room for parking is extremely limited, so make use of Brno’s efficient public transport and enjoy your beer with your bbq. 😉

Practical information: boating is best in swimming costume and a t-shirt and shorts over it. Just to be sure, bring a change of clothes as well. A towel and a blanket to sit on might also come in handy. The weather forecast says it will be extremely hot, but don’t worry – the premises offer plenty of places to sit in the shade and you can also take a dip in the river if you want. Please note that dogs are not permitted on the premises.

Book your place via the form below and don’t forget to state how many adults and how many children in the comments section. This will help us to organise the instructors and the boats. There will be 5-6 boats ready with instructors and people will take turns every ca. 45 minutes.




For your interest, here’s a little history of Brno’s water sports:

Brno canoeing started in the nineteenth century, when the first rowing clubs and perhaps even the first boathouses were established. Due to the composition of the population, these were initially German (including Jewish) associations and the Czech Rowing Club was founded later.

Rowboats were only suitable for calm water, and only in the 1920s did the first kayaks and canoes appear, and a new boating sector was created – first “water tourism”, later also boating races.

The first water sportsmen in Brno, Old Scouts, continued the pre-war tradition from Prague and built a cottage with a boathouse under the bridge in Jundrov. Another centre of interest in canoeing in Brno was found at the Czech and German colleges and since 1924 there was a boating unit at the Czech Rowing Club.

In addition to the rich tourist and racing activities, Brno water sportsmen made an extraordinary effort to establish a proper local base and the result was the building and opening of the boathouse in Brno – Komín on the right bank of Svratka river in 1936. This base is still in use today and serves continuously as the largest water sports base in Brno, known as “KáČaTa”. In 1937, the water sports association also established a youth section. This club is the largest in Brno and has a large member base of water sports enthusiasts of all ages.

Event photos: Jiří Lubojacký



Bookings are closed for this event.


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